Get Your Sprinkler System Ready for Summer

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A good sprinkler system tune up / irrigation system inspection is one of the most important steps to keep your sprinkler/irrigation system running at optimum efficiency. Checking your sprinkler system regularly will save you money in the long run as any sprinkler repairs will be made on a timely basis. Just 1 to 3 broken sprinkler heads or pipes can cost hundreds of dollars on your water bill. We have had many customers with water bills in excess of $500, $600 and even $700 due to broken sprinkler heads and/or broken pipes that were just wasting water.

Each of our sprinkler tune up/irrigation inspections include the following:

  • Inspect for leaks around the sprinkler heads

  • Adjust sprinkler heads

  • Replacement of broken nozzles or heads

  • Clean all spray heads and adjust spray pattern

  • Clean all rotor heads and inspect for dry spots

  • Check each area zone by zone

  • Adjust control box settings to reflect current watering schedule

  • Make recommendation for appropriate improvements