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4 Faucet Insulation Covers w/Styrofoam Shell – Delivered and Installed


  • Includes a set of 4.
  • Protects outdoor faucets from extreme temperatures
  • 5/8-inch expanded polystyrene shell
  • 3/4-inch one piece foam gasket
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Reusable season after season
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Our faucet cover protects outdoor faucets from freezing in cold, windy weather conditions. Protect your faucets from freezing wind and chill. Made of foam, it can provide insulation for outdoor faucets throughout the winter. Plus all year long, they keep the outside air from leaking into your home. 5/8-inch expanded polystyrene shell, a 3/4-inch one-piece foam gasket, and a non-heat conducting synthetic rubber ring with adjusting lock that attaches to the faucet.

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