One way to ensure that your lawn receives the water it needs to look lush and green is to install a sprinkler system. However, at some point, you may discover that one or more of your sprinkler heads is not popping up. Sprinkler heads have a lifespan of about 8 to 15 years, but factors such as debris and wear buildup may lead to the need for earlier repairs.

If your sprinkler head is not popping up, you should determine the root cause of the issue. There are several reasons that could contribute to the issue. Some are an easy fix, while others may require more work and the assistance of a sprinkler repair professional like All American Irrigation Systems Austin.

Here are some common reasons why your sprinkler head may be failing to pop up and how to fix the issue.

Damaged Spray Heads
Sprinkler heads can break or become damaged over time. You may have accidentally run over a sprinkler head with your lawn mower or it may have been hit by a rock or piece of debris. Regardless of the cause, sprinkler heads that are damaged or broken will more than likely not pop up when the sprinkler system turns on. Cracked or broken sprinkler heads usually cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. You can replace a sprinkler spray head by pulling up the riser, unscrewing the broken or damaged nozzle and replacing it with a new one.

Clogged Nozzles 
Sprinkler heads can become clogged from dirt, insects, twigs and debris. Nozzles are designed to spin as water flows through them, but if they are obstructed the sprinkler head can not rotate. This causes the sprinkler head to remain in its retracted position. You will need to remove the sprinkler head and clean out the debris to unclog the nozzle. Inserting a needle or pin through the sprinkler head should loosen the blockage. Once the blockage has been cleared, reinstall the sprinkler heads to their original positions and make sure they pop up when the sprinkler system turns on.

Misaligned Sprinkler Heads 
Sprinkler heads may also fail to pop up if they are misaligned. These usually occur when sprinkler systems experience weather damage or settling over time. If misaligned, sprinkler heads may appear to be retracted but actually remain under the soil. In order to fix this issue, you will need to dig around the sprinkler head and straighten it to be perfectly perpendicular to the sprinkler line. After you have repositioned it, place some extra soil around the sprinkler head so that it stays in place.

Inadequate Water Pressure
Another common reason sprinkler heads fail to pop up is inadequate water pressure for your sprinkler system. Even with proper installation, sprinkler heads may not inflate appropriately if the flow or pressure of water through the sprinkler system is too low. Sprinklers may retract back into the soil after a few seconds when the sprinkler system shuts off. In order to remedy this issue you will need to determine the cause of the low sprinkler water pressure. Possible causes of low water pressure could be a clogged sprinkler line or kinks in the sprinkler system causing the sprinklers to lose water pressure. An irrigation professional should be called to check your system and make necessary repairs to improve water pressure.

Broken Valve
A faulty sprinkler valve could be to blame if sprinkler heads in one or more zones do not pop up when the sprinkler system turns on. The sprinkler valve controls water flow to each sprinkler head and is located under a plastic or metal cap near the sprinklers themselves. If damaged, it may not allow water to flow freely when the sprinkler system is activated. To repair this issue, you turn off the sprinkler system and remove the sprinkler’s valve cap, then you should be able to see what is wrong by looking inside. If water is able to flow freely through the sprinkler valve, it may need a cleaning or possibly replacement of internal parts to begin working correctly again. A sprinkler irrigation repair specialist should be contacted to diagnose the issue and make necessary repairs quickly.

If you are experiencing issues with your sprinkler heads popping up when your sprinkler system is on, call All American Irrigation Systems San Antonio. We are ready to help. Our team of repair specialists possess the skills and knowledge to help with broken sprinkler heads, controller repairs, broken lines, leaks and other sprinkler system problems.