How to water a foundation?

This is the message we hear regularly from foundation specialists and engineers. Texas summer heat, droughts and city watering restrictions hurt our ability to keep moisture where we need it…around our home’s foundation.

Here are engineers’ recommendations:

    • Comply with your city’s current rules and restrictions for water use.
    • Place soaker hoses or drip irrigation lines 18 to 24 inches from the foundation. The hose or drip line should not be placed against the foundation.
    • Run the hose or drips when evaporation will be minimal, such as before dawn or after sunset.
    • Run the hose or drips at a rate that allows the water to trickle into the soil, not pool or run off.
    • To determine the right schedule for your situation, water for about 30 minutes two or three days a week then try this rule-of-thumb test:

Dig a small hole 16 to 24 inches deep on each elevation of your house near the foundation. Get a handful of dirt from the bottom of the hole. Roll some of the dirt into a 2-inch diameter ball. If the dirt holds together in the ball shape, you’ve probably got the right amount of moisture. If it doesn’t hold together, you need to water longer or more often on that elevation of your house. After a week or so of adjusted watering, try the dirt-ball test again to see if you get better results. Repeat these steps until you get consistently good results.

get consistently good results.
At AAIS we have met the needs for providing home owners a reliable, effective sub-surface drip watering system which are exempted from must city’s water restrictions.

Our Foundation Drip Systems utilize Rainbird professional grade drip line installed 8″ to 12″ from the foundation and 3″ to 4″ underground with indicator devices included so that you can see at a glance that the lines are operating properly.

We Offer a number of options for setting up a drip system around your foundation. We can connect to your existing sprinkler system or install a separate controller. If you don’t have an irrigation system that’s ok, we can connect to an outside faucet by using backflow connecters and battery timers.