Fertigation Systems

Feed Your Entire Landscape Automatically and Naturally

Fertigation is Fertilization through Irrigation. Our Fertigation system automatically feeds and waters your lawn and landscape through your in-ground sprinkler and/or drip irrigation system. This efficient system provides precise doses of natural water-soluble fertilizers to feed your grass and plants to keep them healthy and looking beautiful.


Our EZ-FLO fertigation main line systems are installed after the backflow prevention device and normally before the irrigation zone valves to allow the unit to feed all irrigation zones. A typical installation is shown here:

In this configuration, when an irrigation zone valve is turned on, the EZ-FLO fertigation unit automatically adjusts to pressure and flow and precisely meters out the appropriate fertilizer based on the water volume flowing into that zone.

Easy to Hide

EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems can be installed aboveground, underground or hidden under decorative rocks.

We manufacture custom tanks with capacities specific to your Landscape.

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Custom Installation

What we consider before installation:

  • What is the composition of the landscape materials? Turf uses more irrigation water than a dense ground cover or shrubs with deeper root masses.
  • What products are you interested in applying through your irrigation system? Some products have higher application rates than others.
  • How often do you want to refill?

In the end, this last point is the one that is the ultimate determining factor. If you want to refill less frequently, simply go up in size. If you do not mind refilling more often, then you can get by with a smaller size than what would be recommended. The following table identifies a typical landscape configuration and sizes that can be served with each EZ-FLO main line model along with other sizing information.

EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have a beautiful landscape and a healthy garden.

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