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drip-pictureLandscape drip irrigation is a method of delivering water slowly, at low pressure, at or near the root zone of the landscape plant material. It is often referred to as targeted or precise watering, because drip irrigation allows you to target the precise area that you want to irrigate. Drip irrigation systems typically operate between 15-50 psi, and flow rates are measured in gallons/hour (GPH) versus gallons/minute (GPM).

What is subsurface drip irrigation? Subsurface drip irrigation is tubing that is trenched below the grass surface. The system delivers water directly to the root system, where water is needed. Grass blades do not need watering, so getting the water directly to the root system is a more reliable way of ensuring the turf is getting water where water is needed.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient type of irrigation and subsurface drip is especially so because it is unaffected by wind and evaporation. This results in 70% less water use than conventional overhead sprinklers.

There is a high degree of water application control which ensures that turf is being watered the same amount throughout. The better the distribution uniformity, the deeper the root growth for turf will be.

With All American Irrigation Drip Systems it is possible to irrigate regardless of wind conditions. Lower pressures are generally needed and lower flow per unit area, requiring less water and energy. It also solves the problem of water evaporating from the surface of the turf before it can reach the root system.

Compared with spray heads where water from the surface relies on gravity to infiltrate the root system. All American Irrigation can design a drip irrigation system to put water right where you need it. Think of it like a gas tank for a car which enables you to distribute gas directly to the engine where it is needed to run. Subsurface irrigation allows you to put water in the turfs “gas tank” so it can be delivered to the roots, right where the water is needed.

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